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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Curl will make an easier wiki-pad than WikidPad because the Curl RichEditArea can generate the markup : The REA has both curl-source parse and format methods.

WikidPad is unable to display some of the input formatting until exported !  But Curl is a web content language for both data and processes - Curl offers both declarative markup and expression-based programming (rather like rebol, but without the graphics and UI issues and comes with two (2) developer IDE options (the Curl Lab or an Eclipse plugin.)

The security concern of generated markup can be addressed by requiring privilege for the applet and using a signed pcurl file along with encrypted text store.

WikizPad will offer one pane for formatting markup as RTF and one pane for editing markup as text (but with RTF appearance as desired for ease of edits.)

At the moment the features are being used for an SRS FlashCard edit/gen app, so reuse will be straight-forward.

[ more to follow ]

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